The new air laundry dryer

Thanks to Sciugarella you can say goodbye to your
drying rack and your iron.
The air power blowing through the laundry gives
a professional iron effect.
Can dry up to 7kos of laundry in only 60cm

drying rack or Sciugarella ?

sciugarella of course!

Reorganize the space in your house
and get rid of the stress du to laundry and iron

Have a look at Sciugarella's characteristics

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Why choose Sciugarella

Its characteristics will be surprising

Premium drying results with every fabric type.
Thanks to air flow you'll get a professional iron,
Laundry will not be rubbed but gently brushed
by the air strechting out the wrinkles.

Perfect dimensions

a lot of space , low enbumbrance

No humidity

removes and prevents mildew


professional iron effect


dry up to 7kos of laundry

Low noiselevel

powerfull extremly silent motors


minimum consumption

low noiselevel

2 powerfull extremely silent motors

Sciugarella is equipped with 2 motors having large blades granting efficient air flow at very low noiselevels . The airflow is very well directionned , stretching out the fibers thanks to the air flow coming from above.



a fully dry room is granted

Thanks to its airflow Sciugarella grants for both big and small rooms dry spaces without mildew.

5 drying programs

adapted to your needs.
Just one click!

Program 1

12 hours 50 watt

Program 2

8 hours 340 watt

Program 3

4 hours 960 watt

Program 4

1 hour 2050 watt